Apple Global Institute, Cork 2012: Day 1

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Have checked in at the Fota Island Hotel after 11. Room was not yet ready, but I met a canadian ADE and we had a nice chat. Then registered for the Institute and was equipped with a Lanier including name tag, information on Big Idea to work on, group for excursion etc. Got a lovely T-Shirt and a rainproof jacket that might come in handy, given this is apparently one of the worst summers ever …

The most important gadget right now is my passport and a role of stickers: Whenever two ADEs meet, they swap stickers. The hunt is on! In the passport, there are loads of QR codes which will give us more information about the daily program and the photo contest. Unfortunately, they only work on a specific network that is not available in the rooms, so I can’t check them out as yet.

Marie, my room mate from france, has already checked-in, too, and I have met some of her french colleagues and one french speaking belgium ADE. And I have met Katie and Kevin again, the travel mates from the Apple Pie Café in Dingle.

After 1 pm. I could check into the room and shower. Our bathroom is huge, compared to what we had the last week touring Ireland, so I indulged in a rainforest shower

, with Occitane products, no less – complimentary of the house. Thus prepared, I was ready to have my official picture taken. As soon as I entered the photo studio, I was greeted by Max Judd with a warm embrace. So nice!
They took loads of pics – hope we get the links soon so that I can include them in the blog.

For dinner, I got adopted by a bunch of Canadians. We had very lively discussions … If this sets the tenor of the institute, things will get very animated indeed! Food was very nice, too, but I left rather early, because it’s awfully loud in the dining room.

Pics from Day 1

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