Apple Global Institute, Cork 2012 : Day 6

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Marie and me were sleeping deeply  … Luckily, Patrice came knocking on the door just in time so that we managed to grab some breakfast before starting on the final work for the Presentation. Bill Seng has done a wonderful job in putting together our pitch video, and Anne Adam has created a mock iBook to show in the assets section. Looks pretty neat!

Still, people had to work on their bits and pieces of the Keynote, so we never managed to talk about stepping stones. Will probably have to do that via Basecamp.

While we were busy beavering away, the Apple Team built a full candy store in front of the main working area, where we can stock up on sweets to keep on top of the 40 something presentations we’ll be running through. Awesome indeed!

After a quick lunch, we started on the group presentations: great ideas and projects to come up on iTunes U – and some excellent presentation skills indeed! Loved the way the Flipped Classroom Group never even made in on stage, but flipped the presentation as well. Nearly gave Martin, the video man a heart attack, when he focussed on stage – and they performed in his back, in de middle of the audience.

Some of the groups want to encourage networking with schools all over the world. I use the online comment tool that cleverly allows us to add assets, resources and constructive comments even while the teams are presenting, to point them to I have managed to contact a couple of teachers this week that could make valuable contributions: The French and Belgium ADEs, above all, but also ADEs from other countries that reach out to teachers. Hope to see some new, interesting activities coming our way!

Evening saw us all dressed up to the nines for our gala dinner down at Fota House. Some of the Americans went to great avail to follow the no slack or jeans dress code: Have seen some colorful pants indeed! The guided tours through some of the rooms of the historic building showed some very nice attention to detail again – the Apple people sure know how to organize things!  A string quartet provided lovely music on the way out to the marquee, where food was being served. I enjoyed some quiet time, just staying there and enjoying the music. Great away to wind down …

Food and settings were simply gorgeous! Loads of seafood, including oysters, crabs, smoked and cooked salmon, mussels  … Done to perfection and served with pride and a huge smile. Since the weather was on our side, too,  we could explore the lovely gardens. Back in the Hotel, the party starts with desserts and a very loud DJ. so I found a quiet spot in the lounge and went back in time to see the document the students of the local Film College made. Very nice work! Hope they will upload the film, so that I can link to it later …

Now, people are dancing, drinking and shouting at each other on top of the racket, as the Aristocats are playing some very loud life music. I call it a day!

Pics of Day 6 

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  1. Hallo,
    Das “Apple” etwas mit Äpfel zu tun hat, ist mir ja noch klar, was aber die vielen Süssigkeiten an der Tagung zu suchen haben, begreife ich nicht. Mein Begriff einer Tagung ist, dass man eigentlich etwas lernen sollte. Bei Euch scheint das der Fall zu sein, aber auf eine Art und Weise, wie ich sie nie erlebte. Geniesse noch den Rest, denn bald heisst es:

    welcome back to Switzerland

    und das Alltagsleben nimmt wieder seinen gewohnten Gang. Viel Zeit zur Erholung gönne ich Dir nicht, denn ich bin punkto Laptop auf Deine Hilfe angewiesen. Also bis bald.

    Liebe Grüsse


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