Apple Global Institute, Cork 2012: Day 5

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Today is workshop day! After a short full-house rally, we split into projects group and start working all over Fota Island. Our 3 teams are down at the Golf Club, elaborating on Digital Citizenship and OER. The discussion is animated and lively, we are collaboratively working on a Google Doc File, structoring the task ahead, defining existing assets and what needs to be created, assign topics to specific group members and starting on tomorrows presentation pitch.

It’s fun to see how the different strands come together – each of the team members bringing a wealth of information to the table. Of course, a lot of technology is used, too – from a REALLY old Mac Book Black (without Airdrop, as Joshua sadly admits) to the latest iPad.

In between, we manage to squeeze in a short lunch break and just about time to fulfill the QR rally: Do a picture with Maxx’s shoes and the team members shoes, but without infringing too much on Maxx’s time. Fine with me! I already had one pic where his feet were featured … Sadly, I couldn’t hand it in, as the group desk was not manned at the indicated time. Will try again tomorrow.

The evening session presented three more ADE stories, this time from Mexico, Asia and Europe. Kerry Feeny from Mexico does a great job in engaging her kids in forming letters, learning to trace and write them and start storytelling in english. Praise Ma is helping street children in Rwanda during her holidays, besides being a teacher at an International School in Asia. The way personal learning with Apple devices improve not just the kids education, but actually help them to heal and move forward is very touching indeed.

Abdul Chohan moved out from a very old, derelict school and built a new one – going 1:1 and really creating an impressive learning environment. Again, very impressive – but slightly sobering, too, because hardly anyone has the chance to really start from scratch …

Dinner was very formal today: Delicious food served at the table, together with our GEO.

Pics of the day 

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  1. Krampfen bis zum “Umgheie” – aber dafür “gut essen”! Super, solche Tagungen habe ich leider NIE erlebt – wohl den Krampf, aber weniger das gute Essen!
    Schöne Heimreise wünscht


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